Wembley Road Interchange

The current interchange

The current interchange is at capacity. There is regular congestion, causing traffic to queue back onto the Logan Motorway and Wembley Road, in both directions.

The existing interchange has a two lane roundabout at Illaweena Street, which all traffic use no matter the direction of travel. The existing roundabout becomes congested with a mix of traffic trying to exit and enter the Logan Motorway, or travel through to Wembley Road.

This includes a large volume of freight vehicles, which worsens congestion as trucks often need to use both lanes on the roundabout to negotiate the turn.

Two lanes along Wembley Road from Greenfern Drive to Pagewood Street, including the bridge across the Logan Motorway, restricts through traffic along Wembley Road.

Restricted turning lanes to and from the Logan Motorway westbound on and off-ramps restrict traffic movements both to and from these ramps and along Wembley Road.

The solution

June 2017 – design refinements update

Detailed design for the Logan Enhancement Project has been underway since early-2017. Construction of the final project design is now underway, which incorporates the below design refinements at Wembley Road:

  • a dedicated left-turn lane at Macquarie Way, Berrinba
  • a new four-way intersection on Pagewood Street, Berrinba with the existing intersection on Forest Way remaining the same.

These changes will:

  • reduce queuing for vehicles turning left from Macquarie Way and travelling north on Wembley Road
  • provide better access for vehicles to and from the eastbound carriageways of the Logan Motorway and Prospect Place, Berrinba
  • retain the existing intersection at Prospect Place/Wembley Road.

The final design for this interchange will improve safety and reliability, reduce travel times and the amount of traffic on local streets, enhance connectivity to key residential and business areas, and cater for future growth.

Other elements of the final design at this interchange include:

  • widening Wembley Road to four lanes between Greenfern Drive and Pagewood Street, including replacing the two lane bridge over the Logan Motorway with a new four lane bridge (doubling capacity)
  • removing the Illaweena Street roundabout and replacing it with a signalised T-intersection
  • relocating the Logan Motorway westbound on and off-ramps and upgrading Anderson Street to include a signalised intersection at Wembley Road with additional and extended turning bays
  • adding additional stormwater culverts under Wembley Road and raising Wembley Road to reduce flooding impacts.


Experience the interchange post-construction.

Logan Motorway westbound to Wembley Road northbound
Wembley Road southbound to Logan Motorway westbound
Gateway Extension Motorway to Wembley Road



Wembley Road interchange upgrade

Wembley Road interchange upgrade – click on the map for more detail.