Logan Mwy/ Gateway Ext. interchange

Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension Interchange upgrade

The current interchange

The current interchange has a large mix of high and low speed traffic merging together.

There are motorists travelling at high speed on the Logan Motorway, and motorists merging with this high speed traffic to enter or exit the motorway; either to join the Mt Lindesay Highway (westbound), the Gateway Extension Motorway (northbound) or travel through to Wembley Road (eastbound).

Separating these high speed/low speed traffic movements is a priority to improve safety for all motorists.

The solution

There are a number of changes to this and surrounding interchanges to improve safety, reliability and increase traffic flow.

New high speed service roads will be built to separate local traffic and motorway traffic on both sides of the Logan Motorway. Additional lanes on the Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension Motorway will also increase capacity and cater for future growth.


Logan Motorway and Gateway Extension Interchange upgrade – click on the map for more detail.


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