Beaudesert Road/Mount Lindesay Highway

Beaudesert Road/Mount Lindesay Highway interchange

The current interchange

The Logan Motorway/Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway interchange is at capacity and is congested. Specifically:

Five traffic conflicts:

  • Changing lanes is difficult – there are numerous moves and merges motorists are trying to make across a short space of road, to reach multiple destinations. This results in stop–start traffic flow, leading to long queues and delays.

At peak capacity:

  • There are not enough traffic lanes to support current traffic demand at peak times, and a lack of capacity for future growth.

Safety concerns:

  • Congestion at peak times is leading to risky behaviour. The traffic conflicts mix high speed motorway traffic with lower speed traffic trying to enter/exit. There is also a high percentage of heavy vehicles which compounds the issue.

What changes are included in the final design?

The final design for this interchange will improve safety and reliability, reduce travel times, enhance connectivity to key residential and business areas, and future proof the network.

Community and stakeholder feedback has directly shaped the final concept design for this interchange:

  • the existing right-hand turn from Beaudesert Road southbound to the Logan Motorway westbound has been replaced with a free-flowing underpass—removing the need for previously proposed traffic signals
  • a designated free-flowing ramp for northbound Mt Lindesay Highway traffic to access the Logan Motorway and the Gateway Extension Motorway— removing the need for previously proposed traffic signals
  • one set of traffic signals where the Mt Lindesay Highway southbound meets the westbound service road, to control weaving and merging.


Experience the interchange post-construction.

Beaudesert Rd Southbound to Logan Motorway Westbound 
Mt Lindesay Highway northbound to Gateway Extension Motorway
 Mt Lindesay Highway northbound to Logan Motorway eastbound
Logan Motorway Eastbound to Mount Lindesay Highway


Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway interchange

The Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway interchange – click on the map for more information.


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