Logan Enhancement Project – Explore the design

The $512 million Logan Enhancement Project involves widening sections of the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways, including improving key congestion hot spots (Logan Motorway/Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway interchange and the Logan Motorway/Wembley Road interchange) and constructing new south-facing on and off-ramps on the Gateway Extension Motorway at Compton Road.

The Logan Enhancement Project is made up of five components. Each component is interlinked; particularly the three interchange upgrades because they are closely located and critical for efficient connectivity.

The components include:

The design

Logan Enhancement Project Final Design

Logan Enhancement Project final concept design – Click on the map for more details.

Key project features (as shown on map):

  • Replacing the uncontrolled right-hand turn from Beaudesert Road southbound to the Logan Motorway westbound with a free-flowing underpass
  • Removing the existing Mt Lindesay Highway northbound to Logan Motorway eastbound cloverleaf ramp and replacing it with a free-flowing overpass
  • Installing a set of traffic signals to safely control merging traffic between Beaudesert Road southbound and the Logan Motorway westbound service road
  • Extending the third lane along Mt Lindesay Highway southbound down to the Browns Plains Road off-ramp.
  • Providing a new shared pedestrian and cycle path along Beaudesert Road/Mt Lindesay Highway between Illaweena Street and Acacia Street.
  • Providing high-speed service roads to connect the Mt Lindesay Highway and Gateway Extension Motorway interchanges
  • Widening and upgrading the Logan Motorway between the Gateway Extension Motorway and Mt Lindesay Highway interchanges, to provide three lanes in the eastbound direction and four lanes in the westbound direction.
  •  Widening the Gateway Extension Motorway from four lanes to six lanes between Compton Road and the Logan Motorway.
  • Providing new south-facing ramps at Compton Road to match the existing north-facing ramps to improve connectivity
  • Resurfacing sections of the Gateway Extension Motorway between Compton Road and the Pacific Motorway
  • Providing a centre median concrete barrier to improve safety.
  • Upgrading Wembley Road between Pagewood Street and Greenfern Drive to provide two lanes in each direction, including replacing the existing bridge over the Logan Motorway
  • Relocating the Logan Motorway eastbound and westbound on and
  • Replacing the Wembley Road/Illaweena Street roundabout with a signalised intersection
  • Widening and upgrading the Logan Motorway between the Gateway Extension Motorway and Wembley Road (to provide four lanes in each direction)