Sustainability means integrating environmental, social and governance factors into decision making to create short and long-term value.

CPB Contractors Pty Ltd, in conjunction with Transurban Queensland, is committed to managing the design and construction of the Logan Enhancement Project in a manner that fully considers environmental outcomes and contributes to sustainability.

Consistent with Transurban’s sustainability strategy, outcomes, including considering the motorway’s neighbours, reducing waste and thinking long term will be a focus for the project during design and construction.

In July 2018, the project achieved an ‘excellent’ rating under the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) Infrastructure Sustainability (IS) rating scheme.

Hear from members of the project team, plus the ISCA CEO, Ainsley Simpson, about the achievements that led to the project achieving this rating.

View the Logan Enhancement Project’s Sustainability Statement.

What is ISCA?

ISCA is a member-based, not-for-profit industry council and the peak industry body for advancing sustainability in Australia’s infrastructure. The IS rating scheme can be applied to a range of infrastructure including roads, airports, ports, railways, water supply, electricity networks and telecommunication networks.

The IS rating scheme provides an independent, verified assessment of the sustainability of an infrastructure project. To achieve a rating, projects are assessed on how they perform across 44 individual credits, which address a wide range of environmental, economic and community considerations.

Score Rating Level
<25 Not eligible to apply for a certified rating
25 to <50 Commended
50 to <75 Excellent
75 to 100 Leading

Each credit consists of a benchmark performance level that must be met to achieve points. Additional points are awarded where sustainability outcomes exceed this benchmark level. Credits are weighted to reflect contribution to the overall sustainability performance of the project. Points are summed to give a score out of 100 to determine the Project’s sustainability rating.

The Logan Enhancement Project is committed to achieving a minimum of 65 points for the Design and As Built stages, which would see the Logan Enhancement Project achieve an ‘excellent’ rating.

An ‘excellent’ rating provides an assurance to the community that the project’s contribution to sustainability goes beyond visible features to include less obvious features like the selection of sustainable materials, superior management systems and community engagement.

2017 Sustainability Report

Read about our sustainability performance for 2017 in our inaugural Sustainability Report.