Noise barriers

Noise management

As part of the Logan Enhancement Project, a road traffic noise assessment has been undertaken across the project corridor. At locations where the noise assessment shows that predicted noise levels from the completed project infrastructure will exceed the Queensland Government’s road noise guidelines, noise barriers will be built.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads’ (TMR) Transport Noise Management Code of Practice – Volume 1 – Road Traffic Noise, 2013 (Code of Practice), provides the road traffic noise criteria for road upgrades.

The noise barriers will be new at some locations, or replace existing older barriers at other locations or tie into existing noise barriers.

The project team will provide information to nearby residents regarding the noise mitigation proposed in each area, as determined by the noise assessment. Construction of noise barriers across the project corridor will commence from early 2018, and will be progressively completed toward the end of the project.

Noise barrier design

The new noise barriers are made of precast concrete panels to ensure long term, reliable, low maintenance barriers. They will be painted a Colorbond® colour, chosen to blend in with the surrounding environment.

Native trees and shrubs will be planted on the road corridor side of the barriers, where practical. Noise barriers vary in height depending on the location.

Locations of noise barriers

Based on the outcomes of the project noise assessment and detailed design process, noise barriers will be built across the project corridor at the following locations:


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