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Working in the community

21 July 2017

As part of the Logan Enhancement Project’s commitment to working with the local community, the Transurban Queensland and CPB Contractors team recently helped to set a new world record for the longest continuous chain of people clasping wrists, all in the name of charity.

Project Director, Andrew Baker, said it was a great opportunity for the team to work with a number of key project stakeholders and give back to a worthy cause.

“Local charity, Hand in Hand, initiated and organised an event to raise money and awareness for brain cancer,” Andrew said.

“The event was hosted by Stretton State College and I’m proud to say the previously held world record of 2950 people clasping hands was broken, with a staggering 3300 people (including students) helping to set the new record.

“With a gold coin donation required upon entry, valuable funds were raised, with 100% of money going towards brain cancer prevention research.

“We look forward to continuing to give back to the local community throughout the course of construction.”

Giving back

3 July 2017

In-line with Transurban Queensland’s commitment to sustainability, the Logan Enhancement Project team has been working with a number of community stakeholders to identify initiatives in which the team can give back and create a positive lasting legacy.

In the last week, this commitment has seen the team work with the Stretton State College on Illaweena Street, by way of supporting their annual Market Stall.

The team also donated the six shovels used at the recent start of construction/sod turning event to a local environmental group, the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. The shovels will be used by the committee’s three green armies that undertake planting and general bush clean-up along the extent of the go via network, including the Karawatha Forest.

Project Director, Andrew Baker, said giving back to the community, and creating a positive legacy was an important part of the construction of the Logan Enhancement Project.

“We welcome suggestions/input from other community groups on how we can work together to make a positive impact – simply call 1800 195 308 or email,” Andrew said.


Test pit investigation now complete

Pre-construction cultural heritage investigations for the Logan Enhancement Project were recently completed.
19 June 2017

Pre-construction cultural heritage investigations for the Logan Enhancement Project were recently completed.

Transurban Queensland Technical and Construction Manager, Andy Richardson, said the meticulous hand scraping at 24 sites throughout the project corridor by traditional owners (members of Jagera Daran)  revealed approximately 200 items of significance.

“Sites at the Logan Motorway, Forest Lake, and the Mount Lindesay Highway, Drewavale, yielded the highest number of items, mostly silcrete or chert fragments that would have been used as tools by Aboriginal people,” Andy said.

“The finds will now be catalogued by traditional owners (members of Jagera Daran) and in-time, a selection will be available for public viewing at Logan Enhancement Project Visitor Information Centre in Berrinba.

“I’d like to acknowledge the traditional owners (members of Jagera Daran) that carried out the investigations – thank you for your work.

“The project corridor is home to another traditional land owner, the Turrbal people, who will be present during construction within the project corridor on the Gateway Extension Motorway,” Andy said.

Pre-construction activities for the Logan Enhancement Project are now completed, with construction now underway. Early construction activities include clearing and grubbing, establishing satellite site offices and installing temporary concrete barriers on the motorways.

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Construction now underway

First sod turned on the Logan Enhancement Project
6 June 2017

Today the first sod on the Logan Enhancement Project was turned, signaling the start of major construction on the project.

The sod turning also marked the release of minor changes to the project design. The changes are:

  • providing a new free left hand turn from Macquarie Way, Drewvale onto Wembley Road
  • retaining the existing cul-de-sac at Prospect Place, Berrinba
  • providing  a new four-way intersection at Pagewood Street, Berrinba
  • wrapping the westbound service road over the Logan Motorway westbound (previous design had the Logan Motorway wrapping over the service road)
  • providing an alternative design for the fauna crossing at Illaweena Street, Drewvale known as a BEBO arch.

Construction will take about two years to complete. The best way to keep up-to-date on traffic changes required for the project is to subscribe to receive regular project updates.



Design refinements

6 June 2017

Detailed design for the Logan Enhancement Project has been underway since early-2017. As a result, refinements have been made to the final concept design that was released in late 2016.

As a project moves from concept design to detailed design, additional studies are carried out to ensure all constraints and opportunities are considered before finalising the design. A part of this process involves considering opportunities to improve network functionality and environmental and community outcomes.

Final design fly through animation

Construction of the final project design is now underway, which incorporates the below design refinements.

Wembley Road interchange

  • a dedicated left-turn lane has been provided at Macquarie Way, Berrinba
  • a new four-way intersection will be built on Pagewood Street, Berrinba with the existing intersection on Forest Way remaining the same.

These changes will:

  • reduce queuing for vehicles turning left from Macquarie Way and travelling north on Wembley Road
  • provide better access for vehicles to and from the eastbound carriageways of the Logan Motorway and Prospect Place, Berrinba
  • retain the existing intersection at Forest Way/Wembley Road.

Gateway Extension Motorway interchange

The dedicated westbound service lane now goes over the Logan Motorway westbound. The concept design had the Logan Motorway going over the westbound service lane. This change will improve safety for motorists and reduce the environmental footprint required for construction activities in this area.

Illaweena Street fauna crossing

A BEBO arch fauna crossing will be built instead of the traditional flatbridge crossing. This change will reduce the environmental footprint required for construction of the crossing and reduce maintenance requirements

Heathwood community development

30 May 2017

Transurban Queensland has launched an Expression of Interest (EOI) campaign seeking local community input to shape the direction of the Heathwood Community Development.

The $2 million community investment to be delivered as part of the Logan Enhancement Project.

The EOI process will run from 22 May to 30 June 2017, inviting submissions to determine the most appropriate use for a 6,500m2 parcel of vacant land located at the Logan Motorway and Stapylton Road interchange at Heathwood.

Transurban Queensland Group General Manager Wes Ballantine said he was excited to see the community steer the outcome of the Heathwood Community Development and encouraged all local residents to have their say.

For more information or to register for updates on the Heathwood Community Development visit

Newsletter #3 now available

LEP community newsletter
31 March 2017

The new Logan Enhancement Project newsletter is now out. If you would like a hardcopy of the newsletter, you can find them at elected representative offices and libraries within the project corridor, or by requesting a copy from the project team. It includes information on the final concept design, environmental benefits of the final concept design, and details of upcoming community information sessions.

Fauna connectivity a landmark win for wildlife

Beaudester Road Fauna crossing concept
3 March 2017

The Logan Enhancement Project’s plan for improving fauna connectivity has been labelled one of the most significant outcomes for road ecology in Australia.

The project Environmental Reference Group (ERG), which includes representatives from six local environmental groups, has praised Transurban Queensland’s solution to maintaining and enhancing fauna connectivity around the road network as a win of international significance.

The project, which was approved by the State Government in late 2016, is located within the Queensland Government’s designated ecological and conservation corridor linking the Karawatha Forest to the Flinders Range.

Recognising the importance of this green belt and the environmental significance of the surrounding bushland and wetlands, Transurban Queensland worked closely with the ERG to ensure fauna connectivity and the protection of the Karawatha Forest and other nature resources in the area were included in the final design.

The design includes a number of significant fauna movement improvements across the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways, including the addition of new crossings, fencing, and refuge poles.

Griffith University Professor Darryl Jones, from the ERG, said the fauna solution plan was a landmark example of effective collaboration and would dramatically improve the safe movement of various species through the ecologically important corridor.

“The Logan Enhancement project is an excellent example of what can be achieved when all participants work closely to develop the best ideas to increase fauna connectivity of what will be a major new motorway development,” Professor Jones said.

“Already, the excellent relations between the parties has seen remarkable innovations and new approaches to road fauna connectivity that indicate that this project will be of both national and international interest.”

B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron said the project design could be the most significant win for road ecology in Australia to date.

“We thank Transurban Queensland for the opportunity to work towards something worthwhile for our community and wildlife,” Mr Cameron said

“The project addressed every area the group identified and delivers a comprehensive mix of solutions across all the major areas, which will mitigate some of the impacts of major road construction and infrastructure through a valuable wildlife corridor.”

Project Director Andrew Baker, who was recently recognised by the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) for his contribution to fauna movement solutions across the network, said the environmental elements of the design were shaped by feedback received from the ERG.

“We will continue to work with the ERG throughout detailed design and construction on a number of key project elements, including vegetation removal offsets.”

Early works commence on Logan Enhancement Project

13 February 2017

CPB Contractors Pty Ltd is commencing early works in preparation for the construction of Transurban Queensland’s Logan Enhancement Project. This work will start late February and is expected to be completed by early June, weather permitting.

Early works will include but are not limited to:

  • geotechnical investigations such as potholing
  • use of machinery such as trucks, excavators, and utility mounted drill rigs.
  • delivery and unloading of materials
  • minor vegetation clearing if required to access sections of the project alignment and undertake investigations
  • cultural heritage and environmental investigations
  • site compound establishment.

Day time activities will be undertaken between Monday and Friday 6.30am-6pm and Saturday 6.30am-5pm. No activities will be carried out on Sundays or public holidays.

During these early works, you may notice some changes around your local area such as construction vehicles, traffic management signs and personnel. Work vehicles will also be entering the project corridor using local access roads at key locations.

More information is available on the Works notifications page.


Project feedback shapes design changes

Logan Enhancement Project
23 November 2016

Thank you to the more than 600 stakeholders and community members that provided feedback on the Logan Enhancement Project initial concept design throughout the detailed proposal phase.

The following key changes to the design have been directly shaped by stakeholder and community feedback:

  • replacing the uncontrolled right-hand turn from Beaudesert Road southbound to the Logan Motorway westbound with a free-flowing underpass, eliminating the need for traffic signals
  • replacing the existing Mt Lindesay Highway northbound to Logan Motorway eastbound cloverleaf ramp arrangement with a free-flowing connecting ramp which removes up to 40% of traffic prior to entering the interchange – this greatly improves the through northern movement along Mt Lindesay Highway / Beaudesert Road.
  • extending the scope at Wembley Road to include relocating both the Logan Motorway eastbound and westbound on and off-ramps, replacing the existing bridge over the Logan Motorway and upgrading Wembley Road from Greenfern Drive to Pagewood Street to provide four lanes (two through lanes in each direction)
  • providing numerous initiatives that will significantly improve environmental outcomes through the project, including new fauna crossings.

The final concept design will deliver greater benefits than the original concept design, at a minor increase to the original project cost. More detail about the final concept design is available here.