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Construction complete

Posted on August 23rd, 2019

Logan Motorway upgrade complete

 Transurban Queensland’s $512 million Logan Enhancement Project is complete, with the final piece of the puzzle falling into place last night – the opening of the new on and off-ramps on the Gateway Motorway at Compton Road.

Transurban Queensland Group Executive, Sue Johnson, said the Logan Enhancement Project responded to a clear call for action.

“This significant motorway upgrade was needed to maintain freight productivity and to get people where they want to go safely and quickly,” Ms Johnson said.

“Over the course of two years of major construction, 10,000 people worked more than 3 million hours to build 15km of new lanes and unlock two of the south east’s busiest motorway interchanges.

“We are also very proud of the significant improvements we have to made to fauna connectivity in the area – this includes building a new wildlife bridge on Illaweena Street to get animals out of the way of cars.

“The project, which was fully financed and delivered by Transurban Queensland, is a great example of the State Government working with the private sector to deliver benefits for the community,” Ms Johnson said.

Project Director, Andy Richardson, said the upgrade to the Logan and Gateway Extension motorways had made it the quicker, safer choice for the 170,000 motorists that use them each day.

“Thanks to the project, motorists are now getting 20 minutes back in their day by taking the Logan Motorway,” Mr Richardson said.

“With the roadworks now complete, speed limits are back to 100km/hr – there’s never been a better time to take the Logan Motorway.”

Jim Pearson Brisbane Manager, Brent Krause, said the Logan Enhancement Project had addressed a number of issues for the business.

“The most significant benefit has been generated from the new westbound underpass from Beaudesert Road to the Logan Motorway – the result is a credit to Transurban who completed the project without impact on our business,” Mr Krause said.

Logan Enhancement Project – fast facts:

  • More than 3 million hours worked
  • 2 years of major construction
  • 10,000 people inducted to site
  • 70,000 cubic metres of concrete poured
  • 454,000 tonnes of asphalt placed
  • 10,000 tonnes of steel used
  • 193 bridge girders / beams installed
  • 400 bridge deck units installed
  • 5000 trees planted
  • 500, 000 community notifications delivered.